We offer facilitation that supports purposeful outcomes and authentic buy-in. Whether it is a small or large meeting, a specific outcome, a general listening session, a decision that needs to be made or a plan to be designed, our expertise is available to help the team stay on track and ‘work to purpose’.

Discerning Right Action and Making Decisions that Stick

Many employees have complained about the number of meetings they have to attend yet meetings are often how actions are agreed upon and decisions are made. After speaking with numerous people over the years, although the number of meetings is presented as the problem, it is often the lack of the effectiveness of those meetings that is driving the complaint. There are many things that can impact the effectiveness of meetings from framing and communication through to political challenges. Whatever your situation is, we are highly skilled professional facilitators that can help you to ensure that key meetings you hold, are both engaging and effective. We can also help to revamp your regular meetings to obtain your desired outcomes.

Using the Resources of Conflict

How much time does your organisation spend dancing around prickly interpersonal conflict either between individuals or teams? Many organisations wait until these relationships are at rock bottom before acting. Early intervention can bring the conversation back on track. Well managed it can liberate your people, poorly managed or ignored it can set in like dry rot. It can cause an enormous amount of destruction before being actioned, often too little and too late.

We have very strong conflict management skills that we can deploy so that conflict in your organisation can become a catalyst rather than a destructor.

Our view is that conflict in of itself is not bad, in fact we see it and treat it as a resource. It deeply informs us about what is important in the organisation, it signals dynamics and undercurrents. When we harness and direct conflict it can act as a powerful catalyst for positive change in your organisation.

We also pay attention to anything surprising that emerges. Many facilitated processes inform us about the health of your system, and this can add value to your decision making.

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