In uncharted territory, we need to reimagine the tools of navigation toward fulfilling our purpose

Increasing our systemic capacity to think together reveals hidden resources that accelerate performance

Collectively building ‘management skills mastery’ underpins effective action

Facilitating Results

Facilitating Results Pty Ltd is a Leadership and Organisational Development Consultancy

Our Service Elements include:

Facilitated Outcomes

Facilitation is an art and a science. We offer facilitation that supports purposeful outcomes and authentic buy-in.

Leadership Coaching and Development

Custom designed workshops; co-created to deepen and develop individual and collective capacity.

Organisational Development Consulting

We take a planned, systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness. One that aligns purpose, strategy, people and processes.

Training and Development

Custom designed learning interventions that assist people to gain targeted key skills required to increase specific performance.

We partner with you to achieve purpose filled outcomes.

No matter the opportunity you wish to capitalise on, or the size or scale of the challenge you are facing, we help you make progress by;

Acting as a thought partner

We sit in the complexity and uncertainty with you to make sense of what a new pathway could look like.

Collaboratively co-design with you

This ensures the solutions are right for your situation and serve your organisation and purpose. Bespoke solutions no matter how large or small your project is.

Grounded practical application

Development workshops are designed to work on real business challenges whilst learning and growing. Targeted, custom designed learning bytes are used when needed to deepen skill levels.

Utilising models that match the complexity of the current context

Not all problems or opportunities are equal; we utilise models that match the current context, to help your organisation to ‘sense make’ in new ways.

Up to date theories based on the latest research of how people and organisations thrive

We are constantly learning and growing ourselves to stay abreast of the latest research and science.

Tools that are accurate and helpful

We use tools that measure what they say they measure and are linked to the leadership capabilities that actually move the needle on business results. We are fully accredited in The Leadership Circle Profile and Leadership Culture Profile.

Testimonials from our clients

Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care (SCCAC) strategically partnered with Facilitating Results to build a robust culture for our team to respond to challenges and changes being experienced in the aged care sector.

The professional development provided by Facilitating Results has been insightful, challenging and rewarding. The partnership between SCCAC and Facilitating Results focussed on working with staff across our organisation to bring out their best as individuals and as productive team members… (see more)

Matt Sierp

Robyn and Peta are awesome, warm, engaging and insightful facilitators. They provided enormous support and guidance across our leadership team over a number of years as our organisation successfully navigated significant change and growth. They genuinely care about you and partner with you at a systemic, team and individual level in ways that strengthen leadership capability, build a high performing culture and enable the organisation to best deliver on its strategy. Their skill and expertise in building adaptive leadership capability combined with practical skill development … (see more)

Suellen McCaffrey
Former General Manager, People and Group Services SGCH

Case Study

Executive Leader

This executive leader, like a number of our clients over the years when they take up new roles, experienced a development need in their new organisation. They then engage us to complete a needs analysis and custom designed a solution. In this particular case, the organisation was a prominent accounting association…

Our Clients

Some of the clients we have worked with are:-

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