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‘Leaders operate inside the ‘lines’ of their own capacity. When we ask leaders to do certain behaviours, we may be asking them to behave outside those ‘lines’. It’s useful to ask, ‘what do you want leadership to do, what role do you expect it to play?’. If we ultimately want leaders to solve ‘wicked problems’, to have the capacity to deal with complexity and ambiguity, it follows that we need leaders with the requisite mindset or ‘action logic’, i.e. to be able to develop their capacity to think outside the current ‘lines’.

Understanding that the leadership mindset is structured for the performance you are getting, tells us that if we want to enhance our results, we need to upgrade the mindset.  While there are skills and tools to be mastered, the key is helping leaders discover their developmental edge. Helping your leaders upgrade how they ‘make sense’ and raise their awareness of this process, enables them to more effectively navigate the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world to more ably make progress.

Our approach to helping your leaders grow is to offer bespoke development for individuals, teams or whole organisations. Following are some of our services: –

The Leadership Journey

The Leadership Journey is an integrated and tailored program that we custom design for you. It can combine skills-based training elements, individual and team development, workshops, leadership retreats, self-paced learning and trio work. It could include the use of a 360 degree feedback tool, we use The Leadership Circle. 

The Leadership Circle

This tool allows us to take a real time snapshot of your leadership culture and/or your individual leadership capability. This helps us understand the Journey needed and guides action that is purposeful because it measures, and is linked to, actual leadership capability that directly impacts business results.



Based on the need of the business and the individual, we can take a slightly different approach such as: –

  • Developmental Coaching – an all round approach to increasing individual performance
  • Leadership Coaching – individual guidance on working with the leader’s team/stakeholders and increasing their systemic analysis capability
  • ‘Shadowing’ and Feedback – this involves following a leader while they are taking day to day action and then debriefing privately to generate insights and important improvements

Role Consultations

Role Consultation is specifically aimed at developing the capacity of individuals to effectively take up their roles within the business and work effectively with other key stakeholders.

Focusing on the person in role, rather than the person, allows individuals to take a different perspective on how they take up their role. Role consultations result in the liberation of individual inhibition in terms of their actions in role and their relationship with their own authority and the authority inherent in the system.

The Leadership Circle

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