Case Studies

Executive Leader

This executive leader, like a number of our clients over the years when they take up new roles, experienced a development need in their new organisation. They then engage us to complete a needs analysis and custom designed a solution. In this particular case, the organisation was a prominent accounting association, where we ran custom designed multi-level leadership skills based training. The programme was extremely successful in not only increasing skills transfer and retention but also increasing the number of internally appointed promotions. This included four graduates of the programme taking up General Manager roles. Part of the programme was for the participating leaders to work on projects that they determined the organisation would benefit from. This resulted in a further return on investment with a number of initiatives being taken up by the organisation that increased effectiveness and engagement.

In two other organisations this executive worked in, the need was in developing purpose and strategy as well as some team and skills development. The latest outcome reported, was that the team experienced an increase in team alignment and an increase in their operational effectiveness when working towards their new purpose and executing their new strategy.

Social Housing Organisation

This was an ongoing assignment that spanned over five years. We operated as an Organisational Development (OD) partner and as an extension to their OD function. The type of services offered ranged from skills based training through to an organisational development approach and developmentally based workshops. We worked at all levels in the organisation from the CEO and Executive Team through to new junior staff. During this five year period the organisation more than doubled their size (both income and people) continually increased their engagement scores and won numerous industry awards. More importantly they increased their ability to work to purpose and make a significant difference to people with social housing needs.

Large Regional University

This work was conducted at the Board and Executive level. It involved working at the Chancellor’s annual retreat as well as other workshops that included both groups.

An achievement of note with this client was supporting the leadership team to make a major breakthrough in their approach to branding that had been an illusive challenge.

Brownstone University

We partnered with the Learning and Development team to design an ongoing, year long, school managers program. The aim of the program was threefold; 1. Provide managers with a range of contemporary skills needed to navigate the current the context 2. To support school managers to collaboratively problem solve across schools and 3. Taking a University wide approach to improvement Sessions were highly interactive and involved a large amount of peer to peer work. School managers were able to hear from experts across the university. These sessions were designed to augment their day to day operations. In this way the design that was produced helped the system connect back to itself and utilise its own resources to solve its business challenges. The cohort of leaders reported a very high satisfaction rating about the program. When they were followed up, participants reported that a great collegiate climate fostered during the program was maintained long after the formal sessions completed.

Aged Care Facility

The aged care sector faces structural change driven by a variety of contextual forces and factors. This has resulted in a greater focus on consumer choice or consumer directed care (CDC) bringing with it opportunities and challenges. This organisation wanted to leverage this opportunity well ahead of more significant government actions.

To meet the need for a ‘whole of industry’ change we recommended a  ‘whole of organisation’ development program.

We initially partnered with the organisation and worked with the extended leadership team to discern anew their purpose, develop an evidence based strategy and further enhance leadership skills. This was then broadened out to the rest of the organisation to help develop the organisational culture and skill set needed to meet the changing focus of the industry to CDC. Using a range of approaches a key initiate was developing and supporting internal change champions to guide the organisational implementation.

The organisation aligned behind the new organisational purpose. A strong strategy and business plans were developed. The organisation rebranded based on the new clarified purpose. The culture is continuing to be enhanced by focusing on co-creating a CARE culture and ‘working to purpose’.

The reputation of this organisation in the community has strengthened, when other aged care facilities have lost trust. This is in part due to enhancing the organisation’s capacity to fulfil its purpose and make a difference to everyday older Australians, by further improving their quality of life.

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