Organisational Development (OD) Consulting

OD empowers leaders and individual employees and creates a culture of improvement and alignment around shared purpose, values and strategic goals. An organisation’s culture is its lifeblood.  A great culture supports an organisation to thrive and achieve its purpose. Any misalignment can cost an organisation in lost productivity, staff disengagement and organisational reputation.

Cultural development and alignment are crucial for an organisation to thrive. With continued support, it also leads to an increase in innovation and continuous improvement in the organisation as the benefits of taking a developmental approach are embedded in the culture.

Following are some of the ways we work with you to help achieve this:-

f-Strategic Alignment Workshops 

These workshops are custom designed to determine/review the organisational/team purpose and strategic focus. We then review strengths and challenges and generate a plan of action.

Organisational Dynamics Diagnostics and Team Diagnostics 

Diagnostics incorporate one-on-one interviews and a full hypothesis report. To enhance the sense-making /discernment process, this report is presented back to the relevant stakeholders and further insights are gained and action refined.


Create A Collective ‘Sense Making’ Culture 

A powerful process that engages the collective intelligence of the group and supports buy-in for any initiative from the ground up. It enables more agility in dealing with the ever-changing context in which your organisation sits. It involves engaging in collective analysis and sense making using a mapping framework. We create the space to engage in collective vulnerability and authenticity to help the organisation to discern right action. This authentic engagement assists with any emotional transitions of change.


Customed Designed Cultural Change Initiatives

When a true cultural change initiative is desired, we employ all of our capability to custom design the process. It will generally follow the process of:-

  • Cultivate the understanding and desire for change
  • Enable broader engagement
  • Maintain through measurement and Feedback
Strategic Alignment Workshops
Customed Designed Cultural Change

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