Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care (SCCAC) strategically partnered with Facilitating Results to build a robust culture for our team to respond to challenges and changes being experienced in the aged care sector.

The professional development provided by Facilitating Results has been insightful, challenging and rewarding. The partnership between SCCAC and Facilitating Results focussed on working with staff across our organisation to bring out their best as individuals and as productive team members.

Facilitating Results has ensured our organisation is ready for the future. I would strongly recommend Facilitating Results to any organisation who is looking at embedding their organisation strategy and culture within their own teams.

Thanks Robyn and Peta your approach has been welcomed by our entire team.

Matt Sierp

Robyn and Peta are awesome, warm, engaging and insightful facilitators. They provided enormous support and guidance across our leadership team over a number of years as our organisation successfully navigated significant change and growth. They genuinely care about you and partner with you at a systemic, team and individual level in ways that strengthen leadership capability, build a high performing culture and enable the organisation to best deliver on its strategy. Their skill and expertise in building adaptive leadership capability combined with practical skill development truly empowered and transformed our people at both a personal and organisational level.  Peta and Robyn have a genuine love of learning and their willingness to listen and learn with you opens the doors to so much possibility, it is inspirational. Their authenticity and courage to embrace challenges, their holistic and innovative approach, their genuine care for you and their heart to make a positive difference in the lives of others, makes working with them such a valuable and enriching experience.

Suellen McCaffrey
Former General Manager, People and Group Services SGCH

‘Breakthrough after breakthrough’ is the best way to describe my experience coaching with Robyn.

Robyn’s holistic approach helped me uncover underlying beliefs, challenge patterns of behaviour and experience astounding paradigm shifts.

A true co-creative experience, Robyn used her expertise and adaptability to bring forth the answers from within, which created enough aha moments to light up the room.

Liz Baker
Director Library Resources and Discovery
University of Technology Sydney

I wanted to thank you for your insight and work with my team over the past year. Having experienced previously your facilitation of difficult conversations you seemed to be the right fit for what I needed in a new environment. Your skill in working with individuals, my executive team and more broadly their teams has resulted in a positive and healthy work environment that has provided us with skills to explore ourselves and how we work with each other and our broader community. Your quick and skilled insight into reading contexts, pushing our boundaries and seeking that we explore deeply our ability to learn has been useful on many levels. We have gained invaluable tools for creating a learning environment that enhances how we go about our work. On a personal level I know that your coaching of individuals within my team and myself has been much appreciated and very helpful in refining goals, aspirations and effective workplace behaviours. Thank you again and I look forward to our continuing relationship. I would highly recommend your approach to others and feel free to put colleagues in touch with me. 

Professor Belinda Tynana
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning, Teaching & Quality) University of Southern Queensland now Provost at ACU.

20 years of senior executive experience or an international MBA could not replace the Masterclass journey that Peta Bayman teaches, to get underneath an individual’s personal development, corporate politics and executing business strategies. People are instrumental to delivering business success because the only way to transform a business is via people. And building genuine high performing teams is exactly what Peta engrains. Her own work and life experience combined with her coaching training helps Peta understand the pressures of business and people. Peta armed me and my executive team with models, tools and practices that guided us to cut through the symptoms to get to the root causes. 

A warning though, it requires courage, openness, and a desire to want to be better leaders to work to a common purpose. The results speak for themselves, our retail teams were acknowledged as a high performing team. Our team influenced the shift of the culture across the entire business, many of our leadership practices have been adopted and is in demand for the wider organisation. And while the team did the hard work, it was 100% unlocked and enabled and guided by our guru and master jedi – Peta Bayman. On a personal note, I am indebted to Peta for her incredible care, love and challenge, she helped me through the lowest lows, the darkest days and we equally celebrated the highest highs. I will forever be grateful and can’t wait to work with her again and I highly recommend working alongside her. 

Venasio-Lorenzo Crawley
Chief Retail and Customer Officer, Contact Energy

I am the Founder and Director of Embode, an international human rights consulting agency and have had the privilege of working with Robyn for almost a decade. Since setting up Embode over 6 years ago, we have had regular one-on-one Role Consultations which I have found invaluable in supporting the resilience of my leadership practice and, in turn, the growth of the business. Robyn’s adeptness in utilising a rich variety of modalities, across leadership development, counselling, systemic dynamics and spiritual awareness means she is able to be responsive to my needs with regard to the complexity of any given situation arising in my work. Our sessions have been insightful with valuable breakthroughs that I have been able to implement in my leadership practice in real time. Robyn continues to support my growing team and I am seeing the results in an increased collective focus on our purpose and working practices. I would highly recommend Robyn and Facilitating Results if you are seeking to develop your team and improve your organisation’s effectiveness!

Aarti Kapoor
Managing Director

In this day and age an outstanding level of customer service is the backbone of any successful business in the ‘Services’ sector. In this regard, I would highly recommend Peta to any business who seeks to challenge and grow the management & employees within their team. 

Rob Hollings
Finance and Administration Director
bioMérieux Australia Pty Ltd

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