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Our Purpose

We partner with you to achieve purpose filled outcomes

Some Thinking that SHAPEs us



Developing a systemic awareness which vitalises the collective perspective



Respect through deep listening, honouring the richness of our diversity



Map the data being presented to enable collective sense-making and action



Utilising purpose to guide our decisions and actions



We grow through having experiences, reflecting on our conscious and unconscious thoughts and actions to gain real insight

Peta Bayman

Peta is a passionate organisational development professional who specialises in team dynamics; particularly in helping organisations build conscious cultures that flow from an aligned and high-performing leadership team. Peta utilises a broad spectrum of skills and is inspired by a wide range of the world’s thought leaders on leadership development. Peta is particularly focused on helping leaders find their own practical focus to solve their organisation’s challenges. Peta participates in a range of ongoing learning in her own professional and private life and likes to bring humor and humanity into the work she does with individuals, teams and organisations.

Robyn Hartley

Robyn has 20 years experience working as an organisational and leadership development professional. She has coached, consulted to, designed and delivered transformational leadership programmes to thousands of leaders across the Asia Pacific region. As an experienced leader, organisational dynamic analyst, educator, skilled facilitator, passionate learner, trained counsellor and coach with a background in business and systems, Robyn has a unique blend of skills to help organisations create even more profitable, empowering and productive workplaces.

Other Consultants

For larger projects we manage, we utilise a broad network of talented, qualified and experienced consultants to scale up where needed. Profiles are provided.

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