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While leadership development does a crucial job in helping an organisation head in the direction it wants, on its own it is often not enough. Custom designed learning interventions that assist your people to gain the key skills required in everyday management can greatly benefit individual and team performance.

Learning on the job is great and if your original template is not what you want modelled, this could be problematic for your organisation. Providing training that has been designed to meet the gaps in your organisation can assure you that the investments you make in other areas, e.g. your performance management systems, pays the dividends you were hoping for.

Ask yourself these questions; Do your people delegate well, hold others to account, manage conflict, creative diverse and inclusive workplaces, assess performance, coach for skill gaps, provide quality feedback?

Bespoke Workshops

We complete a thorough needs analysis and then custom design a solution for you. These are all skills and tools that can be learned in a range of ways. The program can be designed face to face, online, paired with self-paced adult learning, broken into what we call Learning Bytes, or a range of custom designed combinations to meet your needs.

Our training is aimed at helping your managers and leaders hold a comprehensive mental map of the territory they inhabit in order to deliver the results they are accountable for.


Learning Bytes

Targeted learning sessions designed to develop skills in a variety of areas. Example topics include:

Working to Purpose, Working with Power and Authority, Understanding Role Effectiveness, Collective Sense-Making and Mapping; Working with Change, Creating an Environment of Open Dialogue, Effective Consulting, Changing on the Job, Feedback – A Different Approach, Creating the Third Space, Coaching for Development and various Management Skills.


Bespoke workshops
Learning Bytes

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